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What are the supermarket prices in Mayotte? Is the cost of living in Mayotte are higher than in United States? How much will it cost us to entertain in Mayotte and how much will we spend in restaurants and bars?
On this page below you will find the current price and cost overview in Mayotte: food prices, Restaurant prices, cost of living, and entertainment costs (The last update: today 14 hours ago)

Currency in Mayotte to euro (EUR €). For 10 US dollars you can get 9.22 euros. For 100 US dollars you can get 92.2 euros. And the other way: For 10 euros you can get 11.1 US dollars.

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Prices: Mamoudzou  

Are hotels expensive in Mayotte? How much will we pay for a room in Mayotte?

The average price of accommodation in Mayotte is $140 (€130). 3-star hotels offer accommodation on average for $120 (€110) Overnight stay in 4-star hotel costs $170 (€160) in Mayotte

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Comparison of selected prices in Mayotte with prices in United States:

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160% more than in United States

Prices in cities and towns in Mayotte

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