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What are the supermarket prices in Comoros? Is the cost of living in Comoros are higher than in United States? How much will it cost us to entertain in Comoros and how much will we spend in restaurants and bars?
On this page below you will find the current price and cost overview in Comoros: food prices, Restaurant prices, cost of living, and entertainment costs (The last update: today 9 hours ago)

Currency in Comoros to Comorian franc (KMF). For 10 US dollars you can get 4.57 thousand Comorian francs. For 100 US dollars you can get 45.7 thousand Comorian francs. And the other way: For 100 Comorian francs you can get 0.228 US dollars.

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Prices: Moroni  

Are hotels expensive in Comoros? How much will we pay for a room in Comoros?

The average price of accommodation in Comoros is $60 (€54). The cost of a room in a 2-star hotel is Comoros in $50 (€46). 3-star hotels offer accommodation on average for $65 (€59) Overnight stay in 4-star hotel costs $110 (€100) in Comoros

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Comparison of selected prices in Comoros with prices in United States:


93% less than in United States


89% less than in United States


76% less than in United States


70% less than in United States


37% less than in United States

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