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What are the supermarket prices in Palau? Is the cost of living in Palau are higher than in United States? How much will it cost us to entertain in Palau and how much will we spend in restaurants and bars?
On this page below you will find the current price and cost overview in Palau: food prices, Restaurant prices, cost of living, and entertainment costs (The last update: today 9 hours ago)

Currency in Palau to US dollar (USD $).

What are the different prices in the cities in Palau? Look here: Prices in cities in Palau

Prices: Koror   Melekeok  

The total costs in Palau are lower than in United States. We will spend very similar amounts on food as in United States Dining in restaurants and bars will be cheaper by 14%. In turn, the cost of living in Palau is lower than the cost in United States by 55%. If we want to spend time actively or to have fun, we will pay less than in United States about 29%.

Are hotels expensive in Palau? How much will we pay for a room in Palau?

The average price of accommodation in Palau is $100. The cost of a room in a 2-star hotel is Palau in $41. 3-star hotels offer accommodation on average for $110 Overnight stay in 4-star hotel costs $140 in Palau If you are looking for the best conditions for your stay, then in 5-star hotels that will provide much more luxury you will have to pay $670

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Current overview: food prices Palau


Current overview: cost of living Palau

Comparison of selected prices in Palau with prices in United States:


13% less than in United States

jeans pants

14% less than in United States

renting a small apartment in the center

by half less than in United States

renting a large apartment outside the centre

by half less than in United States


23% less than in United States

cheap restaurant

by half less than in United States

Prices in cities and towns in Palau

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