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How much will you spend in restaurants and bars? Is eating out expensive in Bembereke? Below you will see our breakdowns and comparisons of prices and expenses in Bembereke.

Bembereke - how much will we pay in the stores? Bembereke - what are the costs and is life more expensive than in United States? Bembereke - How much will it cost us to entertain and what are the bills to be paid in pubs and restaurants?
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Currency in Benin to West African CFA franc (XOF CFA). For 11 US dollars you can get 6.36 thousand West African CFA francs. For 110 US dollars you can get 63.6 thousand West African CFA francs. And the other way: For 110 West African CFA francs you can get 0.173 US dollars.

Is it expensive in stores in Bembereke? Will I pay a lot for groceries in Bembereke? Below you will read about the current prices of food and food products in Bembereke, such as: (The last update: 6 days ago)

Can you eat cheaply in restaurants in Bembereke? What are the prices in affordable pubs in Bembereke? How much will I have to spend a day when I only eat in fast food in Bembereke?

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Cost Of Living Bembereke

  1. Price per square meter for an apartment outside of city centre $2.6K (CFA 1.6M)

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